The Exclusive Pro Tools Recording Template (Stock Plugins) 2020


The Exclusive Pro Tools Recording Template is a custom daw template for Pro Tools that you can use to quickly and efficiently get your ideas down. It has been customized by Byron (also known by his producer name BCHILL) to help Pro Tools users get a head start in their tracking session. This template is perfect for Rap Vocals, Hip Hop, R&B & Pop Vocals. This vocal recording template was crafted as an excellent starting point for individuals who want to get a great sound with very little effort.

This Pro Tools Vocal Recording Template includes a rap vocal chain as well as reverb/delays and creative effects placed on the aux tracks to inspire creativity. Underneath each track (in the comments section) are detailed notes about the purpose of each vocal track & aux track. All of the tracks are routed and color-coded for ease of use and navigation within the Pro Tools session.

Plugins that were used in this template are:

  • EQ3 7-Band
  • D3 Compressor
  • D3 DeEsser
  • Avid Channel Strip
  • Air Kill EQ
  • AutoPan
  • D-Verb
  • Mod Delay 3

Compatible with Pro Tools 10+

Pro Tools Template 2020


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