We offer a free 1-minute test master so you can hear the difference that professional mastering will make. Please note that we only provide this offer for mastering and not mixing. DO NOT UPLOAD FULL SESSIONS. ONLY STEREO MIXES. 

Please upload a WAV or AIFF file of your mix at the current sample rate of your mixing session, and a bit-depth of at least 24-bit. A 32-bit WAV or AIFF file is even better. Do not change the sample rate, and make sure to use the highest bit-depth setting your DAW will allow when creating the final mix for the sample master.

Turnaround time is 24-48 hours.

You can upload your files here. Please put TEST MASTER after the name of the song in the notes.


Upload Sample Master

To help us ensure we provide you with the highest quality, please ensure the next few steps are completed before you submit your tracks:

Ensure that the audio files are not clipping.

Make sure the audio peaks are not louder than -6db.

Avoid using compression, normalization, EQ or any effects.

Set the dithering to “None”.

Submit audio files  in 48.0 KHZ or 44.1 KHZ 24-bit WAV format